'The Home of George'


Located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, we are a small, select kennel intent on producing Australian Bulldogs of the utmost quality.   All of our dogs are first and foremost family members, living within the home and given one-on-one quality time.  Our puppies are raised within this environment with the intent that they go on to similarly loving, forever homes.  Solid health, good type and an even, affectionate temperament are our primary goals and no animal without exceptional qualities in these areas will be bred from.  Each mating has been carefully planned to enhance these traits and any dog to develop a potentially inheritable health concern is immediately removed from the breeding program and placed in a loving pet environment.  We are extremely strict with this, only wishing to produce a generation better than the one before, and thus far have only bred from a sixth of the bulldogs we've owned.

 All animals within the household are fed all-natural holistic and/or veterinary diets, are flea and worm free and are fully vaccinated.  We are registered breeders with the Australian National Bulldog Club (ANBC), the only bulldog breed association for the Australian Bulldog, Southern Cross Bulldog and rare-coloured British Bulldog breeds, focused on producing the healthiest dogs possible.  We are also committed to the ongoing health of our dogs so all retirees and pet only dogs are desexed as soon as deemed unsuitable for breeding.

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